the U philosophy

For the last 25 years we have been working in private business, creating companies from scratch and bringing them to significant market players. At the next stage, we sold companies to the strategic investors, including the multinational corporations. We started the first businesses without money and connections in the challenging time of the market economy’s formation. There was no one to learn from how to build the business and develop it successfully. We were learning while working, went through all the challenges, earned the significant experience and achieved some success.

We continue to believe in private initiative, free market competition and the bright heads of our people in the Eastern Europe. Today, on the one hand, it’s easier for the entrepreneurs to build business, than it was for us back then. There is a lot of experienced people to learn from and where to find investments. On the other hand, it is more difficult for them today, since the market has become global and more competitive. Therefore, our mission is to help new technology companies with the competitive products and an ambitious team to enter the international market.

We invest our own money from the Untitled Ventures seed fund, that helps tech entrepreneurs to make real market products out of their advanced technologies to solve the specific problems of the clients. The average deal size is 100-300K euros. We invest into the companies with the significant technological advantage over the alternative solutions in the market. Based on the pilot projects of our portfolio companies, we help them clarify the market requirements for the product and collect the first positive references and / or win the first A / B tests.

Our further plan is to fundraise a second fund to invest into the companies of later stages with sales or successful pilots in the international market. The fund will be baked by the money of like-minded LPs. The future fund will be able to invest 1–3M euros into companies at the early growth stage to scale up their business in the international market. Our other goal is to build an investment pipeline of portfolio projects for new rounds and / or to sale them to the strategic investors.

The philosophy of our fund is explained by the name itself – the fund should not be proud of itself, but of its portfolio companies, they are our main asset and a driver. At the Untitled Ventures, we have built an excellent portfolio of high-tech startups related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, and unmanned aerial vehicles. We plan to expand the application of these technologies in the other industries at the new early growth stage fund. We believe that we can find even more mature tech teams with good ambitions and abilities to build successful international business. We believe in ourselves and in you!