the U money

Private venture company, which invests in Russian technological companies structured in Russian or American law. The investments are made into startup or later stage organizations, which have almost reached operational payback state. The investment are made directly into the company equity and/or are raised in the form of a loan needed for rapid growth.

Candidates should meet requirements of the Untitled investment focus, which implies digital-technologies in offline-, online- and omni-retail, advertising and fashion in 2017-2018. Used unique technologies in its expansion must be a serious competitor to all traditional retail operators and/or change value added chain in the producer-end customer channel. The bright examples to get investment are marketplaces of DIY goods (for construction, design), goods for kids, fashion and luxury items and FMCG and goods on constant demand.

The Untitled money program  implies average investment of 80k-150k dollars (USD) or a loan of 80k-800k dollars (USD) at first. There are possibilities to make a syndicated deal with other private investors and financial institutions.