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The Untitled ventures is a venture entity presenting for the market several investment programs:

More details on the programs are in the respective web site sections. The short comparison table of the programs may be found here. We recommend to start with it while reading more about the programs.




Konstantin Sinyushin is an eminent Russian serial IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of several well-known companies, which were sold to strategic investors: Software AG, EMC Corp. and EPAM Systems. Russian business-angel in the sphere of Internet and mobile solutions, placed on top of venture rating systems.
Igor Lutz has vast experience in marketing and communications. From 1989 till 2013 worked in leading advertising agency BBDO. Under his management advertising campaigns for well-known Russian and international clients have been created and launched: e.g. campaigns for Alfa-bank, Beeline, MTS, Sberbank, IKEA, Pepsi, M&M’s, Snickers, etc

Irina Iashina is a portfolio manager of the fund. Irina has experience in transformation management, corporate communications and PR in telecom, venture investment organizations (Vimpelcom (VEON), HSE Inc, VentureClub). Under her management several eminent startup events were organized (Go To AdTech, Go To RetailTech, Women&Tech).




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